Why I Search for Sasquatch

by John Freitas

When I was about 12 years old, my parents took me to a seminar at Sacramento State College where Patterson was giving a speech about his film of Bigfoot.   Looking back I can't remember a lot about it other that the phrase "Bigfoot" and of course the famous film showing a female Bigfoot walking alongside a creek.

Now living in northern California since 1989, about 27 miles from where that Bigfoot was filmed, my interest was somewhat piqued again.    In 1996 a film crew was working near Crescent City when on their way out of the forest, they saw and filmed a Bigfoot walking in front of their motor home.

At this point the internet arrived in this small coastal town and gave me a chance to investigate more of the phenomenon known as Bigfoot.    This is where I located a sound file located on a web page of a previously reputable Bigfoot group.

I must have listened to the howls and screams 50 times, thinking that this is one noise I would never want to hear while I was alone in the woods.

In June 1998, while in my cabin (AKA "Squatch Central") that is located right smack dab in the middle of U.S. Forest land, near a place called Monkey Creek, I heard the scream, not just once but several times a day for 5 days straight!   I contacted a previously reputable bigfoot organization and reported what I had heard.   Shortly after reporting this, I was contacted by an investigator named Scott Herriott, who by the way is also a stand up comedian and hosts a show on Direct TV called Internet Tonight.

Well to make a long story short, I shortly became the northern California contact person for...what else...the previously reputable Bigfoot group.

Over the next few months I met several Bigfoot investigators from around the USA.   I have found  trees that were twisted and broke at about the 7 to 9 foot level with hair samples in the twisted portion.     Currently I am conducting "sound surveying" in and around "Squatch Central".  

I have also had several media person's in the area and have just finished an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, King5 TV in Seattle Washington.

I invite anyone interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon to join me in my search for this ever candid animal.

This a wav file of a Bigfoot scream that was recorded near me

Because this investigation is on-going, please bookmark this site and come back to see what is new.

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