Haunted House Story


While investigating a possible Bigfoot sighting, the woman I was talking to pointed to the old house and told me that it was haunted. At first I didn't believe her, but being one that has a somewhat open mind, I began asking her why she felt it was "haunted".

The following is her story:

She started to tell me that she was basically raised in this house (located 25 miles up a old dirt road with the nearest neighbor over 20 miles away). Her mother was the first to see a male ghost in the kitchen area. She said her mother said the ghost had a knife and was very mean.

As the story went on, she told me about her mother getting knocked down in the hallway, pushed down the stairs, and several other incidents that happened over the years.

Being very interested at this point, I asked her if I could go in, her answer was "NO", she was scared to enter the house with or without someone. Well, one thing lead to another and within a few weeks we were packing up our camera, recorder and last but not least the Ouija board.

When we first arrived in the house everything seemed fine, in fact I thought it was perhaps a waste of time. Then it began...

I was with an acquaintance named Donna and her daughter Diane (probably because I was too scared to go alone), and started to unpack and smelled something coming from the kitchen. It was a very strong odor of rotting flesh, yes something dead.

All of us looked around and could not find anything that caused this smell. In about 10 minutes, the smell was gone...

Now comes the good part! Donna and her daughter set up the Ouija board on the kitchen table (a picnic type table) and I got the camera ready. For some reason the spirits took an instant liking to her daughter Diane. When Donna would ask a question, it would respond with gibberish. When her daughter would ask a question, it would answer quickly, and with detail.

During the time they were asking the Ouija questions of the spirits (who they were, how old, etc.) I was taking pictures with the digital camera. All of a sudden Donna jumped up from her chair yelling "ouch" and Diane got out of her chair simultaneously. Donna was holding her knee which she said felt like she had been kicked or hit with a hard object.

During this few second activity, Donna and Diane felt a quick "breeze" rush between them, and the kitchen door knob (behind me) began to rattle as if someone was trying to open the door to get out. We were the only three people in the house. NO ONE was behind me when I turned around!

Some of the photographs during this are included in the ghost picture page.

The following day Donna had a large bruise on her knee, which was consistent with what she said that the object was either hard, or she was kicked.

That same night when we decided to try and get some sleep, I looked in the hallway, and saw a figure of a woman dressed in historic clothing (white high neck dress) with dark hair. As quickly as she came, she was gone.

When I told the woman of the activity from the night before, she told me that she had heard that there were two children, a man (who was very mean) and a woman spirit in the home. This is consistent with what happened the night before. I told her about the woman spirit I had seen in the hallway, and she told me that was the same woman other people had seen and described her clothing, and hair exactly as what I had seen.

The night after the "kick" Donna and Diane asked who kicked her, and the Ouija responded with "dad". When Diane asked more about "dad" the Ouija would tell them to be quiet, that "dad" was mean, and he "would be mad". Apparently the spirits that were speaking with Donna and Diane were children.

That night after we had gone to bed, I heard running upstairs, as if it were children and a door slam shut. This continued for approximately two to three minutes, and again, as quickly as it came, it stopped.

We returned to the house the next weekend, this time "armed" with a tape recorder. While Donna and Diane were on the Ouija, we recorded, and I took more pictures. We learned more about the "people" who were in the house through the Ouija, but we also got gibberish!! During the time of the recording, you could hear nothing other than what we were saying. However, when we played back the tape, we heard what might be a child saying "help me", and a male and a female voice, but it was unrecognizable. No matter how many times we replayed the male and female voice, we could not understand it.

We have returned a few times more since, and have taken more pictures, more recordings, and have contacted a medium. We will keep you updated when the medium contacts us with her findings. (She has said just from what we have told her as she has not been in the home yet, that she feels a murder has taken place in the home not so long ago).


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