Klamath Recording

This recording was taken at night near Klamath California by a Bigfoot researcher. This area has a history of Bigfoot sightings that date back hundreds of years. This same area was featured in a documentary on Sightings when two young children spotted a Bigfoot near a creek.

As you listen to this recording, you can hear the researcher running after the Bigfoot. When I interviewed him he said he thought the creature was frightened or angry at him for chasing it. My personal thoughts on this recording is that it could be a warning to other Bigfoot in the area, or as this researcher said "a really angry Bigfoot".

This recording was sent to Stanford University and they said it was similar to an Orangutan but could not say for certain what it was. Learn why this in itself is very interesting.

On 05-21-99 I sent this recording to Texas A&M University anthropology department for analysis. 

UPDATE:  The recording was analyzed and the source was determined to be "unknown". The "Mysterious Encounters" show producer also sent this recording off to be analyzed. His results were the same, however it was "unknown mammal". 

Bigfoot Scream

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