Operation Nightscream DVD

Would you like the opportunity to learn the tricks and strategies of real bigfoot researchers?

In 2003, a team of seasoned researchers went into the wilds of Northern California in search of the elusive creature known as sasquatch or bigfoot. Their adventure was captured in a video journal, which we are making available to you.

The Operation Night Scream 2003 DVD includes a documentary about a spring expedition into the rugged Pacific Northwest part of California led by John Freitas, along with two rare interviews with Dr. John Bindernagel and John Green.


Freitas, an investigator in Napa County, California’s Special Investigations Unit, is known throughout the bigfoot research community for his unique strategy for making sasquatch come to him. Over the years he has had remarkable success.


The first bonus interview is with wildlife biologist Dr. John A. Bindernagel who is seriously studying the sasquatch in North America. He’s written an excellent book, North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch.


The second bonus interview is with John Green, a veteran Canadian newspaper journalist who has closely followed the subject since it began to make headlines in the late 1950's. The author's own investigations, which are still ongoing, have contributed a large percentage of the current knowledge and data on the subject. His book The Apes Among Us continues to be the best titles on the subject.

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Now you can experience the adventure and learn techniques firsthand from the researchers themselves by purchasing the Operation Nightscream 2003 DVD.


Documentary photography and editing: Randy Littlejohn
DVD authoring:
Randy Littlejohn
Interviews photography: John Freitas

Total Running time (including interviews): 1 hour

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